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Our Team : Jagger 

Jagger is the Boss Puppy at 2 Wheel Media and he is often seen sitting with Raine on Zoom business calls. 

He became a part of the 2WM family when Raine's mother meet him as a little pup at an adoption event in Florida. A Beagle rescue group took him from a kill shelter in Alabama when he was only about 8-weeks old. Allegedly, a volunteer shared that it was one of those shelters where they have "Day In" and "Day Out" signs with the dates and Jagger was all by himself in a kennel, terrified, and the sign showed it was his "Day Out"...which translated to him only having a few hours of life left.


There was no info on what happened to his birth mom or his siblings; the Beagle rescue group felt so sorry for him that they scooped him up along with the Beagles and headed back to Florida where he was fostered for a couple more weeks before heading out to an adoption event.


Raine's Mom, Beverly, was looking for another Beagle as her beloved little girl Shiloh had recently passed on. When Beverly saw the little black, tan, and white puppy, her heart melted because he reminded her of a Chihuahua she had as a little girl. Beverly picked up the pup, cuddled him closely, and even though she wasn't technically first in line, as she was battling COPD and was in a wheelchair, she had been allowed to hang out near the front of the line.


No one had the heart to try to claim the little puppy from her arms so she officially adopted him, named him Poco after her Chihuahua, and headed home.


Raine met the little pup a couple of months later during a visit and her Mom asked if she'd take the puppy with her back to Dallas because he needed more attention than she could give him with her declining health and her surviving Beagle, Toby, was still grieving his sister and had no interest in engaging with a puppy.


While Raine had no intention of adopting another dog at that point, God has His own plans and the little puppy drove back to Dallas with her.  For several weeks, Raine tried to work with the puppy but he didn't seem that interested in anything.  


One day while at a studio in the Design District, the little pup started prancing toward Raine and Michael made the comment that he "moves like Jagger"....the rest, was history.


He was officially re-named Jagger and it totally fit his personality and his joie de vie.  


Jagger can be serious, he's amazingly well-behaved most times,  

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