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2 Wheel Media - Michael Owens - Cinematographer & Photographer

Our Team : Michael Owens

Michael is an award-winning cinematographer who has worked with major advertising agencies and television networks around the world in his 20+ years in the film business. He began his career as an editor which allowed him to become a phenomenal cinematographer as he is always "shooting for the edit".  With Michael at the helm as a Director of Photography, rarely does a client or crew hear the fateful words, "..we'll fix it in post..." since the shoot was done correctly to start with.

In recent years, Michael has evolved with the technology as DSLR cameras have become such vital components within the industry. By developing his style to capture that single perfect moment that only exists in still photography, he has focused his energies on shooting amazing landscapes and portraits. He particularly enjoys giving back to others by shooting generational portraits that capture a family before a loved one begins chemotherapy or other extreme medical procedures. 

When not busy on film sets and locations, Michael has clocked up more than 220,000 miles on his five motorcycles which include a Harley-Davidson Road King and Dyna Wide Glide, a Triumph Rocket III, and an Indian Challenger.  His idea of breaking in a new bike is riding from his home base in Dallas to the Maine coast for a dinner of fresh lobster.

Michael is also a published writer who wrote a very popular product review column entitled "I Gotta Have That" which was syndicated by numerous state editions of Thunder Roads Magazine.

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