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Our Team : Abby Spaedt

Abby Spaedt’s career has run the gamut from telecommunications and information systems to accounting and local government. One thing that has remained steady throughout is her love for all things creative.


Regardless of Abby’s job title, she has always managed to work writing, website development, and graphic design either into her job or as a side gig. The other constant in Abby’s life is motorcycling.

Abby is one of the few bikers who has competed in both vintage and long-distance events. Starting her two wheeled life on 50s and 60s era motorcycles, Abby’s annual miles took a sharp upward turn upon
purchasing her first new Harley-Davidson in 2001. After rolling 150,000 miles on that bike, she took a step towards touring with her first Road Glide.

Feeling a lull in riding excitement, Abby signed up for the 2016 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge. Since that challenge, Abby has earned several Iron Butt Association certificates, she became a Motor Maid,
she’s a state sponsor for the Tour of Honor, Motorcycle Chase finisher, and she’s finished two Hoka Hey Challenges. Abby attempted a third challenge on her 1955 Panhead, an endeavor she discussed on the
Cycle Source production Coast 2 Coast with Motorcycle Hall of Famers Cris Simmons and Michael Lichter.


Abby completed 7,000 miles through 14 states in 15 days on her kickstart, rigid frame, foot clutch Harley-Davidson before deciding the bike was not going to make it to the finish line safely. As one
Motorcycle Cannonball rider commented on Abby’s social media news feed, “It’s hard to ride a 50 MPH motorcycle in a 90 MPH world.”


Abby works from home and enjoys traveling to teach Motorcycle Safety Foundation rider courses in Colorado. She also helps her husband run a small vintage Harley parts store in their small town in western Nebraska.

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